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About Classi-Tec

קלאסי-טק מוסמכת ISO9001-2008

Classi-Tec Ltd. was established in 1994 by its CEO Mr. Eitan Lustig, who recognized the growing need for provision of customized technological solutions in the electro-mechanic industry fields.
Classi-Tec offers unique products and solutions, using various electronical and electro-mechanical technologies. The company has high technological abilities in finding solutions and materializing non-standard items and products. We provide services from the first stages of products design, through components definitions and up to manufacturing, testing and shipping to the client. We also provide cost-reduction services and product improvements in the electronics, mechanics and electro-mechanical fields.

Production is conducted by select plants using varied technologies. These are Classi-Tec’s strategic partners with whom we cooperate extensively for years. Production processes and final products are constantly monitored by Classi-Tec to ensure our customers quality products and quality assurance for years.
Classi-Tec’s clients include companies in the fields of Control & Monitoring systems, Networking & Communications, Security, Cosmetics and Medical equipment and more. From Start-ups to market leaders.

Classi-Tec’s head offices are located in Petah-Tikva, Israel, with branch offices in China and Taiwan.

The company includes the following departments and activities:

Sales and Marketing
Purchasing and Logistics
QA Testing and Assembly equipment department
Cable assembly facility including cable design and production

Classi-Tec maintains Quality assurance procedures according to ISO 9001:2008 Standard and certified by the Israel Standards Institute.